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Teachers from the Rest of the World

Work in the UK

Supply Teaching Ltd offers teaching opportunities in the UK.  We are based just north of London, in Milton Keynes.

International teachers love the UK as it offers an excellent base for travel and the chance to meet new people from many different countries and backgrounds. Many of the teaching skills used in the UK education system are similar around the world, so teaching here can often be quite straightforward.

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Are You Qualified?

Overseas trained teachers (OTTs) are able to teach in the UK for up to four years without initially having to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Providing you have the right to work in the UK, have a clear police check and your qualification documents can be verified through UK NARIC, we can offer you assignments in schools. You can complete a course of training to gain QTS during this time but after four years it is mandatory to get the qualification to carry on teaching in the UK

To gain QTS you will need to complete a course of initial teacher training in the UK. Supply Teaching Ltd can also help you, Click here for further information


You must apply for a work visa if you do not have British ancestry. Another option is a Working Holiday Visa but work must be incidental to your visit.  Therefore your primary reason for coming to the UK is to travel. Any Teaching work you do can only be for half of the visas length and for the purpose of funding your travel. Work Permits are also available.

Application for a visa can be made at the British High Commission. If you travel without a visa you will be refused entry.

To check your eligibility and best visa options please look on

Dual Nationality

If your parents were born in the UK, you may be able to apply for a second passport. This gives you automatic entitlement to work in the UK.  You still need to apply for this before you leave. The rules regarding this seem to change on a yearly basis, so please check with the Embassy.

You will need to send your birth certificate, your parents and/or Grandparents birth certificates and marriage certificates to the British Embassy.  If the Embassy issues you an early entry, bring it with you to the UK and, on arrival show it to immigration.
With the regular changes of the rules it is worth checking if you can be granted partial access if you have parents or grandparents born in other parts of the European Union countries.  Check with the British Embassy.

Are you married?

If you are married to a British national you are entitled to work in the UK.  Also if you are accompanying a spouse who has dual nationality you too will be able to work in the UK.


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